Why you should consider using the long-term parking option at the airport

A friend recently narrated a parking nightmare at Denver International Airport, he came very early for his flight but ended up missing his flight. The main reason was that he was circling the airports parking lot, and he wasn’t on a plane. He was looking for an available parking space. This is a universal problem, and it affects most airports around the world. Primarily, if the airport in questions handles more passengers daily. Locating the best airport parking can be a tedious process.

That is why airports have come up with the different parking options to try and ease the parking problems experienced in major airports. There are several parking options in major airports. The three major parking options available in significant airports are short term parking, long term parking, and off-site parking. The significant difference between the three parking options is the cost of parking, and the time you will be using that space. That’s why it is essential to understand which parking option is the best for you. This YouTube video might be helpful to you.

Long term parking

This is a cheaper alternative compared to short term parking. If you intend to travel for more than seven days, then you need to book your spot in advance at the airport parking Bournemouth. The long term parking spaces are usually located further from the airport terminals. It should be a walking distance from the airport. Major airports provide shuttle services to the long term parking areas for passenger convenience. During peak traveling seasons, the parking spaces will be minimal. Some airport parking websites will let you view the available spaces before booking.

If the parking lot is full, then you have to consider using public transport or hire a cab to take you to the airport. That is why you need to book your parking space way before the actual date to avoid the hassle of airport parking. The primary reason why airport parking is becoming scarce is that more people own cars. They prefer their cars to public transport. This is why most airport parking lots are stretched to the limit. You should opt for long term parking because the costs are much lower than the other parking options I will mention in this article.

Off-site parking

These spaces are even further from the airport, they may cost you more, but they are very convenient. Private companies usually run them near airports. They also offer services like valet parking and car maintenance at an extra fee.

Short term parking

This is the most expensive mode of parking in major airports. It is because of the proximity to the airport terminals. It is usually calculated per hour. It is suitable for picking up passengers and dropping them off. If you intend to return after a few hours, you can use this mode of parking.


Despite the distance to the airport terminals, long term parking is the best considering the costs that you will incur. It is essential to book your parking spot in advance to avoid last minute arrangements that may result in you missing your flight. Especially if you intend to travel for more than a week, a long term parking option would be very convenient.