Is Cold Brew Coffee Better for The Stomach?

There are various research findings on how cold brew coffee is better for your stomach, although the experts are divided on this. We will refer to research facts and articles throughout the article. Cold brew coffee means that the coffee was made in low temperatures; primarily no heat was involved in the process of making it. In this article, you will find out that there are health benefits associated with cold brewed coffee. This is in regards to taste, acid content and presence of antioxidants. Here are the benefits of cold brewed coffee to your stomach.

Less acid

Research shows that cold brewed coffee contains less acid as compared to hot brewed coffee. How does this affect your stomach? What affects your stomach is not the acid in the coffee, but the compounds in it. Coffee contains compounds such as Caffeine and Catechol. These compounds are found in high quantities in hot brewed coffee. These compounds are responsible for triggering the release of gastric acid in the stomach.

This influx in acid release causes stomach upset and irritation. Especially if you take coffee on an empty stomach. The solution is to make cold brewed coffee, and it has less acid and fewer compounds like caffeine and catechol. You can also opt for adding milk to the cold brew. A cold brew with almond milk will do the trick; the amount of caffeine will be low. This means you will experience no stomach irritations.

There are coffee brands like decaf, which contains less caffeine content. This is good for you even on an empty stomach. The amount of caffeine affects taste. Decaf will be milder than ordinary coffee. Acidity plays a considerable role in the taste. If the coffee is less acidic, the flavor will be softer and vice versa. This explains why cold brewed coffee tastes milder and smooth. Have in mind that less acid in a drink means less stomach irritation. You can analyze the whole research paper here.


Coffee naturally contains antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid. This acid is found in high concentrations when the coffee is cold brewed. The purpose of this antioxidant is to prevent many ailments in your stomach. It also influences the taste of the coffee. The antioxidant plays a role in the prevention of gastric cancer. They work by removing free radicals in your stomach, and these free radicals are responsible for the growth of cancerous tissues.

It is imperative to consume cold brewed coffee to have more antioxidants like chlorogenic acid, in your stomach. Heat disintegrates these antioxidants and makes them unavailable to your body. This is why hot brewed coffee contains less of these antioxidants. If you continuously consume hot coffee, you risk developing gastric cancer. You can read the whole research findings on this website. The best preventative measure is to drink cold brewed coffee. This video on YouTube will further elaborate our discussion on this topic. Watch it o this link