How to Build Your Brand With Instagram

There hasn’t been a greater time for growing and scaling your brand by connecting with your audience not only on your website but through social media platforms as well. And Instagram seems to be the hidden gem for budding businesses to get more exposure and to increase your following for publicity.Instagram now boasts up to 800 million users since April, with 500 million active users logging in daily.

Although don’t expect any kind of overnight success from using Instagram. You need patience and must follow a certain formula for maximizing the growth of your brand if you are starting from scratch. Let’s go through 5 integral steps for skyrocketing your marketing game online using Instagram.

1. Bring out the best visual content possible

Before you get started getting serious about growing your Instagram following, you must keep in mind an important fact about its users.

Instagram users have the shortest attention span. It is human nature because people naturally get attracted to beautiful and visually appealing things, and they can’t be blamed for the jaw-dropping content uploaded by others.
Therefore, you need to ensure that you post great photos and videos consistently and regularly, based on your niche.

2. Maintain a theme

Think of a theme that resonates with your brand and will help you connect with your followers more effectively. When a person interested in your ideas checks into your feed, the first thing they notice is not an individual photo, but your Instagram feed as a whole. What you can do to achieve a professional looking page is to follow these simple steps :

– Do not sway too much from your purpose and see to it that you post photos relevant to your niche and what your audience wants.

– Stick to a palette of certain colours like black, white, grey, tan, marble for making your feed more cohesive.

– Be alert and pay attention to the outfits you wear, the background, etc.

– Even if it seems impossible to get the colours right, you can achieve the same effect by being consistent with the filters you choose. This greatly determines the mood and vibes you choose to convey.

3. Get smart with hashtags

Utilizing the power of hashtags is one of the easiest ways to get your services and products known to your audience. In order to maximize its utility, you must know how to use them wisely. Have a look at these practical steps to boost your hashtag game :

– Do your research about relevant hashtags and keywords using from Websta to make them work overnight for you.

– Don’t be hesitant to use all 30 hashtags for your post. This brings people from all across the spectrum who are interested in your content.

– Research your audience and your competitors to find out the specific hashtags they are using.

– Schedule your Instagram posts when your audience is most active and alive online.

4. Connect with your audience

This simple tip can go a long way in building long-term trustworthy followers who will come back for more. A simple act of kindness like saying thank you, or leaving a hear sign for their comments just to show that you care can leave a lasting impression on them. You can even go the distance by checking out a few profiles of your trusted followers and leaving a comment down there too.

5. Influencer Marketing

This is by far one of the best cost-effective methods to jumpstart your following on Instagram. It basically means that you borrow an audience from an influential personality on Instagram and they help promote your products and services in return for a price that you must be willing to pay. Influencer marketing beats online advertising hands-down and is key to getting your brand out there in front of your customers.

With these simple yet powerful tips, you can be confident that your brand will stand out from the crowd and slay your competition easily. Go take charge of your Instagram page and let the customers flow!