How Much Does Advertising on Instagram Cost?

Currently, there are over 800 million monthly active Instagram users in the world. The application is such a great marketing resource for businesses, whether new or established. Out of the 800 million, any typical business or individual needs only a fourth of this number to really thrive.

As if that is not enough, Instagram is continually unleashing new features for business owners. These features help individuals to be on top of social media marketing. Boosting posts is a sure way of increasing your Instagram real followers. You can make serious money marketing on Instagram, but it will cost you some money.

Instagram and Facebook’s advertising platforms are pretty much the same thing. Both make it is easy for any business to start campaigns. Instagram also gives you the chance to increase brand awareness while boosting product sales. Businesses or bloggers can also use these features to drive more traffic to websites or any other social media platforms.

Factors that affect the total cost of adds on Instagram

The cost of campaigns and ads may vary depending on the industry or niche that you are in.

Where there is much engagement, the cost of boosting ads goes up. This is why advertising on Instagram is more expensive compared to Facebook.

Some of the things you should consider when posting ads on Instagram are:


Before buying Instagram ads, you need to know how Instagram demographics work. Ads must be perfect and should target specific people. On Instagram, demographics is like any other puzzle in your campaign strategy. The more you figure your way around it, the better your ads become.


Adverts that cover wider areas are bound to cost more compared to ads which cover small areas.


Audiences can be grouped according to the types of behavior. You can use this as an asset since different audiences have different tastes. Some will identify themselves with your ads while some won’t. Please know the right places to post.


You can also reach various audiences based on the accounts followed, applications used and adverts clicked upon.

You can also run your campaigns through your regular customers and lookalike audiences.

How much does it really cost to advertise on Instagram?

The average CPC on Instagram is around $0.70-$1.00, but advertisers will pay slightly more in competitive industries like apparel. Here the CPC could reach up to $3.00.

Age groups also affect the cost of CPC on Instagram. The highest age groups in terms of CPC are 18-24, 25-34, and 35-44 years. Instagram ads also cost more for brands targeting women because fewer men are on Instagram.

Instagram ads also have a high ROI. This means that however much you pay for a click or 1,000 (or more) impressions, you’ll still emerge a winner.

Instagram users use more money per sale compared to those on Facebook. Marketers could use $65 per sale on Instagram (compared to Facebook’s $55), and still drive huge sales.


Many people fear that paying for followers is not healthy because they might be fake. But the fact is, paying for your campaigns and ads is the perfect way to increase your Instagram real followers.