How Long-Term Parking Can Kill Your Battery?

There are many reasons why long stay parking may kill your battery.

Lots of people leave their vehicles at airport parking for a long term, because this car parks have security cameras and are patrolled by staff. For instance, car parking Bournemouth airport will not be a problem as this airport has three large car parks. However, after returning from a vocation or a business trip, you may find out that your car battery has run out of energy and you may need a jump start service. Luckily a lot of airport parkings have jump start services, but it is always better to make sure nothing drains your car battery.

There are quite a few accessories that can drain a car battery. How long it takes your battery to drain depends on the model and how many accessories you have in your car.

Let see what may cause a problem.

1. The clock. Probably the simplest device on a modern vehicle, yet it must use battery power in order to keep working. Even if your car does not have all the modern digital conveniences, it has a clock, and it is draining your battery when the car is not running.

2. Anti- theft systems. Especially when activated to sound an alarm, an anti-theft system uses battery power when the car is not running.

3. GPS Systems, condition “polling”, proximity sensors, and other such digital devices, all use battery power when the car is sitting.

Any computerized device that runs when the car is turned off will use battery power. As such, it is necessary to disconnect these devices if the car will be sitting for an extended time.

It has been said that regular starting can prevent this, presumably by allowing the alternator to charge the battery periodically. The most obvious problem with this is how to start your car from another country, or even another city. Remote starting may not be an option. Starting and idling can also cause condensation to build up and damage the engine.

The best course of action is to remove the battery, connecting it to a battery maintainer so that it will be fully charged when you return from your trip.

If removing it and using a maintainer is not practical, removing the negative lead will protect the electrical side of the battery. It may not, however, protect your battery from damage due to temperature, or from sitting at low charge for a long time.

see how to remove a car battery here

Of course, battery maintenance is just one of many things you should think about before leaving your car stored long term. You may also want to change the oil and filter, top off the fuel tank, maybe even leave it covered and in a cool place. Here is a list of tips from Carfax:

Finally, the car’s battery can last up to five years if it is properly maintained. Storing it in inclement weather or in a place that is too cold or hot will reduce the life of the battery, so try to keep in in a good location. Weather is the number one cause of damage to a car battery. Excessive heat will cause the internal fluids in a battery to evaporate.